Taylor F – What I have learned about myself while working at the Career Center

This is Taylor’s second year interning at the UConn Center for Career Development. This year she leads a team of …

Nadia – How the work I do at the Center is meaningful

Nadia gets to work with a lot of data. The analysis, interpretation, and presentation of the data is used by …

Ray – Working with the other interns at the Center

Whether it’s at events like career fairs, group work, or just meeting at the water cooler, Ray has a wonderful …

Jess L – Advice for someone considering interning at the Career Center

Jess’s advice: Branch out and try something outside of your comfort zone.

Andy – How my internship has helped me prepare for my future goals

Andy’s career goal is to become a teacher. Having the chance to work with other students and educate them on …

Lily – Culture at the Career Center

Lily like the collaborative and supportive environment in the Center for Career Development.

Ali – Why I applied to the Career Center

Ali applied to the UConn Career Center because she wanted a meaningful internship experience and to grow her professional skills.

Jami – What I’ve learned about myself

Jami loves helping people and seeing their confidence grow during the course of a practice interview.

Ryan – Benefits of working at the Career Center

One of the lesser-known benefits of working that the UConn Center for Career Development is the networking opportunities it provides.