Workplace Ambassador Program

UConn Pride

Successful UConn alumni have established themselves across the world, and maybe in your organization. Highlight your UConn alumni employees while supporting your UConn interns through the Workplace Ambassadors program. Workplace Ambassadors aims to connect UConn alumni with UConn interns during their internship or co-op to leverage their knowledge, skills and Husky pride. Give your UConn interns the opportunity to deepen their connection with your organization by participating in Workplace Ambassadors.

Through networking, informal gatherings, mentoring or internship events, the impact of Workplace Ambassadors is wide-spread.

For Alumni

  • Give back to UConn by supporting fellow Huskies interning or co-oping in your workplace
  • Network with students and alumni within the company to share Husky Pride
  • Stay connected with UConn by linking up with current students

For Student Interns

  • Access the UConn alumni network within your internship/co-op site to gain support and knowledge
  • Feel more comfortable and confident within the company because of your UConn connection
  • Create opportunities for yourself after graduation through alumni networking

For Participating Companies

  • Benefit from a more confident and more productive intern
  • Grow your relationship with UConn and highlight your UConn recruiting
  • Create a supportive network for your UConn interns that can lead to retention and positive experiences

Becoming a Workplace Ambassador is easy and requires minimal time. The Center for Career Development can help you leverage your existing internship program to facilitate alumni/student connections.

For more information, contact Ashley Pedersen, Internship & Co-Op Program Coordinator at 860-486-3013 or