What are Affinity Communities?

Affinity Communities are identity-focused groups that provide students with specialized content that integrates diversity, equity, and inclusion within the career development journey. 

Each Affinity page allows faculty, staff, employers, and alumni to interact with students by writing blogs, participate as a Husky Mentor, or by guiding students as a Career Champion to the affinity communities to which they self-identify as an area of interest. 

Given that students may identify with multiple affinities, we encourage them to explore more than one community tensure that they can find and use content that matches their lived experiences.  

What does each Affinity page offer?

Each Affinity Community will feature relevant content, aimed at supporting students’ career and personal development. Within each Community page, students will have access to student and alumni success stories, upcoming events, blogs, and career advice, campus resources, student organizations – and more! The information provided is not an exhaustive list so please feel free to contact us with any additional recommendations and resources that you find valuable. 

Explore Affinity Communities

Asian and Asian American Community
Black Community
First-Generation Students
International Students
Latine Community
Middle Eastern and North African Community
Neurodiverse Community
Native and Indigenous Community
Religiously Affiliated
Students with Disabilities
Undocumented and DACAmented Students
Veterans and Service Members