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Welcome to the Career Champion Resource Page!

This page has been created for Career Champions to provide you with the most up to date information, resources, and content that will help you when working with students in the career space. A few important highlights include training videos for career champions, career-related modules that you can infuse into your classes, and upcoming events for students. Don’t forget to sign up for alerts from this community by clicking the box to the right, so you can quickly learn and access new opportunities as they become available. 

If you happen to have stumbled onto this page but are not yet a registered Career Champion, please visit our Career Everywhere page for more information! If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us via email.

Virtual Training for Career Champions

Career Modules For Your Courses

Request a Career Development Module for your course.

Husky Mentor Network

The Husky Mentor Network allows students the opportunity to connect with UConn alumni & professionals for one-on-one career conversations, including discussing choosing a major, résumé critiques, practice interviews, and more. Students can use our online mentoring platform to start building their network today by connecting with an alum that can help them out.  

 In addition to recommending your students use Husky Mentor Network, please consider registering to become a mentor yourself. To do so, click here and click “give advice” to register.  

Career Communities

Career Communities are industry-focused groups that assist undergraduate and graduate students in narrowing down their career aspirations into manageable and relevant fields. They also allow faculty, staff, employers, and alumni to interact with students through specific and targeted communities by writing blogs, participating as mentors, or helping guide students to the Communities that fall within their career interests. Students are encouraged to explore more than one community – given that each aligns with interests, values, goals, and possible career paths. Students who are still exploring many options can find helpful content through the Career Exploration Community page.

You can view all of our Career Communities by clicking on the resource tiles in the “CAREER COMMUNITIES” section below. In addition to encouraging the students you work with to visit their career communities to learn more, please consider writing a guest blog post. For more information on how to do that, click here

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Career Communities

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