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Are you thinking about your career and long-term goals? Do you want to use what you studied here at UConn in your first job or a career? Are you considering if graduate school is the right option for you?

Here are a few quick steps to help you start answering these questions and learning how your UConn experience is preparing you for your career after college.

  • Take a self assessment to learn more about your interests and values and see a sampling of careers that may be a good fit for you
  • Join a Career Community to learn about career opportunities in a broad area of interest:
  • Attend career events like information sessions and career fairs where you can connect with employers and learn more about available roles
  • Utilize Vault to explore broad industries and professions. Vault supplies information on similar professions and gives tips for
  • Check out Job Market Insights to view salary information and top companies by location
  • Speak to a professional through informational interviewing to learn about a day in the life on the job and to make valuable contacts for your job search.

You may benefit from meeting with a Career Coach to process next steps and get a personal guide for your journey. We can help you out no matter where you are in your process. Scheduling an appointment with a coach can be done through Handshake.

Featured Resources


Interstride is an interactive career platform designed to enhance the career exploration and job search experience for international students. It …

Career Communities

Career Communities are industry-focused groups that assist undergraduate and graduate students in narrowing down their career aspirations into manageable and …

Job Market Insights

Use this real life employment data from across the country to help inform your career decision making.

Identify a Major and Career

Focus 2 can help you choose a major, explore occupations, and make informed career decisions through assessments of your values, …

Career Coaching

Bridge the gap between “where you are” and “where you want to be” through the goal-oriented and action-oriented process of …

Vault: Research Employers

See rankings & reviews for companies, schools & internships. Find jobs, salary data, interview questions, résumé help, and more.

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Additional Resources for Grad Students


ChemIDP is an individual development planning tool for graduate students and postdocs in the chemical sciences

myIDP – Science Careers

A career exploration and planning tool for the sciences.

Inside Higher Ed Careers

Search jobs within and outside of higher education, engage with news, and access faculty compensation survey data.

Signature Events for Graduate Students and Postdocs

Expand Your Career Options and Employer Insights are two signature events specifically tailored to graduate students (master’s and doctoral) and postdoctoral scholars. Both …