Student Interns

Nadia Alsubai

Name: Nadia Alsubai

Internship Title/Project Area: Operations, Data, and Technology Intern – Assessment and Technology Project Area

Hometown: West Hartford, CT

Things I enjoy: Growing up in West Hartford and being familiar with urban landscapes like NYC (both places with really good food), I’ve come to like cooking, baking sweets, trying the latest restaurant or café – many things culinary, but I can also enjoy a good book or roller coaster here and there too.

What is something unique about you? I love roller coasters and would ride the Kingda Ka again.



MajorEconomics and Statistics Double Major with a Minor in Computer Science

Current Academic Year: Senior

What are your future career goals? While I may not be completely sure what exact career path I will be taking, I do know that I am very interested in entering the big data world. I enjoy analyzing statistics and presenting trends for the purposes of making better future decisions, so I imagine big data analytics to be one of my prospective career fields. But the field of operations, technology, and data more broadly speaking has numerous opportunities that I would be excited to take on.

What extracurricular activities/student clubs or organizations are you involved with? I interned at The Hartford in their Data Science department this past summer, and I am currently in my second year of being an intern at the Center for Career Development to further develop my professional and technical skills!