What is Lifestyle Medicine? – A Guide to Terminology

Lifestyle Medicine

Have you heard terms like Lifestyle Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Holistic Medicine being thrown around in media and with friends? Maybe you have an idea that these things share a common thread of treating the whole person rather than one …

By Haley Bevza Brennan
Haley Bevza Brennan
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Finding the Non Profit Organization That’s Right For You

Word Cloud for non-profit orgs.

So, you’re interested in working for a non-profit. But, wait, there’s so many to choose from, which one is the right for you? In this article, we will go over the steps to finding a non-profit organization that aligns with …

By Alex Manna
Alex Manna Program Assistant/Employer Relations Coordinator, Stamford Campus Alex Manna
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Assessing Religious Inclusion in the Workplace

Job Interview

As you continue to navigate your job search, you may be curious about how best to integrate your faith with your future workplace. While it is illegal for an interviewer to ask about religious affiliation and beliefs in an interview …

By Victoria
Victoria Victoria
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