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Career and self-development are life-long processes that evolve as new experiences and information are obtained. Use this page to design your career and self-development strategically. Review the list of student and professional organizations and decide which opportunities best align with your career goals. Connect with a Husky Mentor to engage in career conversations that will expand your network and give you an on-the-job perspective. Explore your options by reviewing Job Market Insights and the UConn Undergraduate Outcomes.  


Event Recap: CLAS Career Night Spring 2024

Being in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences provides you with a variety of options when you enter the workforce. CLAS Career Night highlighted the different journeys of UConn alumni and they shared advice for current students.

By Kyleigh Flannigan
Kyleigh Flannigan
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Why More Veterans Should Run for Public Office 

There are many instances where service members come back to the United States from their deployment overseas and don’t know what they should do next. Some veterans don’t have a hard time finding a job when they come back from …

By Andrew Lanza
Andrew Lanza
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Student Success Story: Nick Lanza

Learn about Nick’s time as an intern at iQuilt Partnership in Hartford, mentor at the Academic Achievement Center and how these experiences have shaped his career journey.

By Andrew Lanza
Andrew Lanza
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My Experience as a Lobbying Intern

A lobbyist serves as an intermediary between the client and lawmakers in an attempt to influence legislation. Here’s my experience as an intern for a lobbying and public relations firm in Hartford.

By Chris McAuliffe
Chris McAuliffe
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I’m passionate about Disability Rights, but how can I combine that with my degree? Part 2: Business and Law

Interested in a career connected to the disability community? This blog can help you explore careers where the disability community and business and law intersect.

By Emily Bretthauer
Emily Bretthauer
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Job Market InsightsIn partnership withLightcast logo

Explore occupations by career categories and pathways and use real time labor market data to power your decision making.

First, choose an industry of interest, then filter for occupation. (If you'd like to see data for a specific location only, filter by state.)

Career Outcomes

  • First Destination
  • Top Employers
  • Starting Salary
  • Employment Locations
  • Top Universities
  • Degree Types
  • Fields of Study

First Destination

First Destination refers to undergraduate outcomes within the 6 months following graduation. The data is collected through a survey distributed to students at graduation, and again in the months following, to gain insight on their lives post-graduation.

Vault Guides

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Vault Guide to Health Care and Pharmaceuticals Consulting Jobs

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Vault Guide to the Best Intellectual Property Boutique Law Firms, 2021 Edition

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Featured Resources

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Career Search Engines
In addition to engaging in networking, searching online can be a viable option to supplement internship and co-op efforts. In …

Paralegal-Edu.Org is is a great resource for both undergraduate and graduate students seeking information that will help them make informative …


USAJOBS connects job seekers with federal employment opportunities across the United States and around the world. As the federal government’s …

Center for Children’s Advocacy (CCA)

The Center for Children’s Advocacy is the largest children’s legal rights organization in New England. CCA combines three advocacy strategies – …

On Think Tanks (OTT)

On Think Tanks is a leading global source of information, support and community for people working in, with and funding …