Become Career Ready: Skills Employers Seek

Essential to Becoming Career Ready is the development of eight Career Readiness Competencies that you might also think of as skills or behaviors. The one thing that all eight competencies share is that they are important to employers. Your experiences at UConn and beyond offer many opportunities to develop and enhance the competencies, including participation in classroom learning,  internships, co-ops, research, on-campus involvement, work experience, or other on- or off-campus endeavors.

Career Competencies:

Career & Self Development


 Critical Thinking

 Equity & Inclusion








Do you have an example of a career-readiness competency that you have gained or enhanced? We would love to hear your story. Please complete the Competency Intake form.

Sharing your competency development inspires other students to think about where and how they can gain competencies within and beyond UConn, and can prepare you for future interview questions when employers ask for examples about skills you have developed.

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