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Accessing the following courses and trainings will expand your knowledge and skills in a variety of topics related to communication including business communication skills, communicating with those inside and outside of an organization and writing clearly and effectively.

Business Communications Online Course

This course offers an overview of business communication strategies and skills.

Professional Writing Online Course

This course provides instruction on professional writing, including memos, electronic communication, proposals, and presentations.

Crisis Communication Online Course

This online course provides an overview of communication during a crisis, how to prepare for a crisis and develop a crisis communication plan, and how to develop strategic messages.

Communicating Strategically

This online course provides strategies geared toward scientists, engineers, and technical professionals to help them communicate with individuals outside of their field.

Digital Branding and Engagement

This online course offers strategies to engage with others via social media and other digital means, specifically in creating a digital brand.

Interested in learning more about communication?

While there are many opportunities presented on this website, it is by no means an exhaustive list. Several websites, including edX, Coursera, Class Central, and Saylor Academy offer many additional opportunities.