Gain Experience

Want to apply the skills and knowledge that you are gaining to a new setting or experience? Employers often give greater consideration to job applicants who have relevant experience that extends beyond coursework or an academic degree. Consider these resources to begin to uncover opportunities to gain experience through activities such as research, campus involvement, project work, volunteerism, job shadowing, and more. Graduate students can also visit additional resources related to gaining experience.

  • Explore a plethora of opportunities to expand your research experience as an undergraduate student.
  • Join a student club or organization to supplement your academics and consider taking on a leadership role.
  • Use platforms like Catchafire, Forage, and Parker Dewey to find short-term, virtual, project-based experiences to build your skills.
  • Connect with a UConn alum on HuskyLink or LinkedIn to inquire about job shadowing opportunities.
  • Investigate the professional associations, additional training, and certification opportunities available in your field.

For customized guidance on gaining more experience, meet with a Career Coach to discuss options that support your goals.


Featured Resources

Campus Involvement

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UConn Leadership & Certificate Programs

These experiences aim to empower individuals and groups to elevate their leadership identities and strengthen active membership in their communities.

Service Opportunities & Volunteerism

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Additional Resources for Grad Students

Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

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Leadership Opportunities

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Job Simulation Activities

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