Student Success Story – Erica Day

Erica Day is a senior at UConn Hartford, who has come a long way, discovering what she wants in her career, and how UConn has helped her become successful.  

Erica did not know the direction her career would take in her first two years at UConn until she chose Marketing management. A friend of hers referred her to the Undergraduate Student Government (USG), and she found her place. Erica participated in decision-making and critical thinking skills in USG which she can utilize in her business career.   

Erica is employed through UConn as a UConn Hartford Office of Student Services “Administrative Assistant” and UConn Hartford Admissions “Recruitment Assistant”. In her administrative assistant role, she practices customer service, and problem-solving skills which support her during her Management Trainee Internship at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Regardless of being a business major, Erica struggles in math and believes she would not be as successful without Q Centers tutors, professors, and fellow students.  

A great résumé builder that Erica recommends is Undergraduate Student Government President. It’s also a helpful experience to mention in interviews. Erica wants to get as much job experience as possible while in college. She understands that changing jobs often may seem like it can negatively impact your academic career but acknowledges that it’s a great way to gain experience. She has had six jobs, including internships that taught her different skills. She believes each job can teach you something worth using. Getting involved in clubs and organizations is just as important since it’s a wonderful way to meet people, collaborate with others, and build skill sets.  

It took a lot to get Erica where she is as an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Management Trainee intern. This position puts a strong emphasis on customer service, which she continues to learn about every day. Her daily duties include checking customers in and out of vehicles, inspecting and cleaning vehicles, and booking reservations for customers. This new position will take adjustment for Erica, but she is learning daily. Although the role is outside of her comfort zone, Erica is excited for the opportunity as it’s her first paid internship, which is a big accomplishment! UConn faculty is proud of Erica for trying something new.

By Daneya Alvarez
Daneya Alvarez