With direction and advice from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, the Center for Career Development created the Women Affinity Community. This community’s goal is to provide resources that are focused on supporting self-identified female students. Female students and alumni can encounter unique challenges throughout the career development and job search processes and in the workplace. As a Women’s affinity community follower, you will get timely alerts on relevant resources, news and advice, and events. The Career Center is committed to advocating and supporting female students and alumni as they navigate the intersection of career and identity.  Use this page to: 

  • Explore career and identity resources to help you navigate obstacles that may arise along your journey 
  • Identify student and professional organizations that align with your professional goals  
  • Discover the numerous professional development opportunities by exploring events, jobs, internships, and mentorship 
  • Read real student and alumni success stories to see examples of how fellow Huskies navigated their career journey 
If you have questions or seek advice, please click here to schedule an appointment with a Career Coach.  Some employers may offer diverse candidate recruitment programs to address historical gaps in the workforce, and students are encouraged to research those programs to learn more. 



Student/Alumni Success Stories


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