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Quick-Entry Healthcare and Medical Support Careers


True or False: All jobs in healthcare require years and years… and years… of education.

False! While obtaining the education required to become a physician, dentist, or nurse practitioner may take up to 10 years, there are numerous other rewarding …

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Pre-Med and Pre-Dental Resources at UConn


If you’re a pre-health student at UConn, you’re likely familiar with the Pre-Med and Pre-Dental Center. Located in the Rowe building at the Storrs campus, they provide invaluable resources to you as current students seeking admission into a health-related graduate …

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Social Work Job Market Trending High


With the increased awareness of substance abuse and mental health issues and anticipation of the US population that is 65+ years old doubling from 2016-2060 (Population Reference Bureau), there is expected to be a steady increase in demand for social …

By Marisa Tatiwong
Marisa Tatiwong Corporate Partner Relations Coordinator Marisa Tatiwong
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The Importance of Visibility


On April 30th, 2019 the Rainbow Center held its first LGBTQIA+ in STEM Professional Panel Event. We invited Dr. John Redden from the Physiology and Neurobiology Department, Dr. Morgan Tingley from the Evolutionary and Ecology Department, Dr. Alix Deymier from …

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HackUConn Winning Team Features 2 CLAS Students

Hack UConn

Christina (second from left), Olivia (second from right) and their team members pose with the GDD 19x (Photo Source: UConn Today)

Each year, HackUConn brings together students and tech industry experts for a non-stop 24 hour invention competition. This year’s …

By Arianna Dines
Arianna Dines
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