Podcasts for Your Career Community

Listening to podcasts can give you a window into the career and work habits of people in every kind of career community in every corner of the world, with tons of great advice and guidelines to help you successfully navigate your own personal career path, all in just about 30 minutes.

Click in and listen as hosts from all over the world and from every walk of life share their experiences and advice on meaningfully navigating the work world.  Listen along as Libby Schmidt navigates life as a newly graduated social worker in The Social Work Student podcast, get the lowdown on how to enhance your data management skills in the Naked Data Science podcast, distill your creative ideas with the folks at the Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast, or learn more about marketplace innovation in modern agriculture with The Modern Acre podcast.

These are only a sample of the hundreds of podcasts available online – you can start with these listed, then Google the career communities you’re interested in for more to start your own ongoing podcast library.

Agriculture, Food & the Environment

Arts, Media & Communication

Business, Finance, Sales & Marketing

Career Exploration

Doctoral Degree

Education and Social Services

Government, Public Administration, Law and Non-Profits

Healthcare and Wellness

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Science, Data and Technology

Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels