Build Your Professional Skills & Competencies

Your degree program will provide you with many opportunities to develop skills, knowledge, and experience, but chances are you will …

A Guide to Career Wellness

Career wellness is present in many aspects of life in graduate school and exploring these materials can help to improve …

UConn eCampus

Explore UConn eCampus for all online courses, post baccalaureate certificates, graduate certificates, and graduate programs at the University of Connecticut.

Leadership & Management Skills

Employers are often eager to learn about a candidate’s leadership and/or management skills. Consider these resources to begin to expand …

Would it be helpful to know what skills employers have identified as key indicators of career success and things they …

Communication Skills

Communication skills encompass a range of interactions and engagement. Consider these resources to begin to expand your knowledge and skills.

Business Skills

Many employers value candidate knowledge about managing budgets, operations, personnel, and projects. Consider these resources to begin to expand your …


ChemIDP is an individual development planning tool for graduate students and postdocs in the chemical sciences

Grad School Application Timeline

When should you begin? When should you gather & submit application materials? Create a timeline that’s right for you.