What is Career Readiness and why should I care? 

Our Become Career Ready page has all the answers to this question and the tools to help you get there!

As a student at UConn, you are taking steps to prepare yourself for a post-graduation life that you hope will be productive, fulfilling and satisfying. Take advantage of the resources at UConn to help set yourself up success by understanding the eight key transferrable skills or Career Readiness Core Competencies identified as being highly valued by employers and are considered key predictors of career success. These competencies were identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

It may be overwhelming to think about developing these skills, but don’t worry, you are already using these eight Career Readiness Competencies daily both inside and outside the classroom to achieve various objectives. For instance, if you have ever worked on a group project for a class, you’ve begun to enhance your Teamwork and Communication competencies. More examples of how you can demonstrate an understanding of each competency can be found beneath each competency on the Become Career Ready page.

This page houses a variety of resources that can help you become career ready. Whether it is through campus involvement, internships, or other experiences, you will be able to practice and strengthen your core competencies while working towards your career goals. Within each resource, you can find examples of how fellow students and UConn alumni have enhanced different skills and links to different opportunities.

Maybe you’ve never thought about your experiences through this lens, but once you begin, it becomes easier to show others you have developed these skills. It is important to understand these competencies and also be able to explain how you have enhanced them throughout different activities. One way to feel confident that you can communicate your knowledge of the core competencies is by enrolling in our new Becoming Career Ready module.

If you’ve ever had to answer an interview question that starts with “Tell me about a time when…”, these competencies can help you answer it. Often these situational interview questions aim to help the recruiter learn how you have enhanced one or more of these skills, and when you can articulate it, that shows them you are a strong candidate for the position. Completing the Becoming Career Ready module provides you a strong understanding of each competency and tools to help yourself become career ready and thrive in any professional environment!

By Theo Menounos
Theo Menounos Assistant Director, Career Readiness Competencies, Liaison for Engineering, Physics, Chemistry