Student Success Story: Nick Lanza

Nick is a Junior Political Science major at UConn. Throughout Nicks first two years on campus, he was heavily involved in the UConn Hartford, the city of Hartford and at Storrs. Read on to learn more about Nick’s experiences and advice that he has for fellow students.

How did you choose your major and program?

I chose a Political Science major because I have always been interested in politics and public service. This was the major closest to fulfilling my interests. I have also recently declared a minor in Public Policy which has helped me direct my focus more towards community service.

Please share two or three noteworthy internships, co-curricular activities, volunteer experiences, jobs, programs, or other degrees and certifications acquired (if applicable) that contributed to your current success.

Being an intern at iQuilt Partnership has been a very important experience for me where I have been able to meet people of all different walks of life committed to making a positive impact in the city of Hartford. Also, being a mentor in the AAC helped me relate to people on a personal level and learn how to better organize and conduct myself academically and in my personal life.

Have you overcome academic, career preparation, or job search obstacles during your time at UConn thus far? How?

Yes and no. For me, I feel like I have loaded up my plate very full, and sometimes it is hard to balance everything. I think it’s important that I spend more time trying to find personal time for myself. I think in that sense, I am still a work in progress. But UConn has provided me with so many opportunities to reach all work and academic goals to the point where I have become a much more mature person in just the semester and half that I have been here.

Please share if groups, organizations, or other resources at UConn have contributed to your success and how.

I think the one organization that has most contributed to my success and reflectiveness as a person has been the Academic Achievement Center. There is no better place on campus to study and get work done. The productive environment is refreshing for all students and has been crucial to my success at UConn.

What advice would you give to other current UConn students?

I would give other people the same advice I have been given. To get involved but do it in a way that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. I think it is important that we all find our group on campus to be a part of.

Please feel free to share recent accomplishments and achievements: including projects, awards, and any relevant information.

I was named a Mortensen Scholar at the beginning of this year which allowed me to get the internship at iQuilt Partnership which set me on a path towards a minor in Public Policy and my other involvements at UConn Hartford.

By Andrew Lanza
Andrew Lanza