Is This The Most Social Major at UConn?

UConn students taking an orientation tour.

Lena Lac ’22, a sociology major from Hartford, CT is a local celebrity to the class of 2023 because of her role as an Orientation Leader, but there is so much more to her than the job she had this …

By Marina DeThomas
Marina DeThomas CLAS Career Ambassador Marina DeThomas
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I Chose Science so That I Don’t Have to Write

Person typing

Written communication is a topic we hear about all the time and I’m with you, it’s pretty boring and kind of stressful to talk about. The thing is though, it doesn’t matter what you end up doing for your career, …

By Eran Peterson
Eran Peterson Career Consultant, School of Engineering Eran Peterson
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Applying to Another Graduate Degree Program?


Maybe you need to leave your current graduate degree program for a different one, realizing the one you are in is not the fit you had hoped.

Perhaps you are currently in a master’s degree program and you know you …

By Kalle Nelson
Kalle Nelson Graduate Assistant Kalle Nelson
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Is it worth getting an MPA or MPP before your JD?


Many of us dread the idea of going to school for an additional three years to get a Juris Doctorate, so getting a masters beforehand is perhaps inconceivable. However, we do attend a school called the University of Connecticut (UCONN), …

By Ethan Couillard
Ethan Couillard Ethan Couillard
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Connecticut Environmental Action Day

Slow moving river.

Stacey Sterns, Marc Cournoyer, and Jennifer Cushman wanted to create a sub-committee to develop digital kits for middle school students for Connecticut Environmental Action Day, so they introduced the Change Grant opportunity to Maggi Anstett, Madeline Williams, and Margaret Sanders.

By Madeline Williams
Madeline Williams
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An Inside Look at Corporate America

Project team having a group conversation in a conference room.

In April, I was offered the opportunity, along with two other students, to work with The Hartford Insurance Group on the National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA) Talent Competition. Members of The Hartford served as our coaches and helped guide …

By Rita Tsafack-Tonleu
Rita Tsafack-Tonleu Career Intern Rita Tsafack-Tonleu
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Educational Experiences on Campus For Pre-Education Students

CLAS student meets with fifth-grader during Big Brother/Big Sister outreach.

For students interested in education, it’s essential to have as much experience working with children as possible. There are programs available to UConn students allowing them to engage with children at a variety of age levels. In these programs, UConn …

By Javon Adote
Javon Adote Javon Adote
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9 Habits for a Successful Mentorship

Mentor working with coding student.

There’s little doubt that mentorship can add value to your career. And although there are countless resources advising you on how to find a mentor, there’s less emphasis on what happens after you’ve found one. So, what does it mean …

By Nisha Kumar Kulkarni - Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers | Helping you land, love, and grow in your social-impact career. And visit explore thousands of great jobs and social-impact organizations near you.
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Benefits of Volunteering and Finding Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer group congratulating each other.

With most of us leading super busy lives, it can seem difficult to commit to the idea of volunteering – giving your time and energy to a cause without financial reward. However, volunteering is important for many reasons, and it doesn’t …

By Victoria Kuryan
Victoria Kuryan Profile Picture
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Five Ways to Show Inclusivity This Holiday Season


Between themed decorations, movies, foods, and greetings, it is often easy to spot when holiday seasons arrive in the United States. The period between November and December is when many individuals gather with friends and family, acknowledging various religious and …

By Ana Clara Blesso & Kristen Soprano
Ana Clara Blesso & Kristen Soprano
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