How I Got Hired as the Graphics Intern at the Center for Career Development

I’m currently a senior Digital Media and Design major working as the Graphics and Multimedia Specialist Intern at the Center for Career Development here at UConn. I had a very non-traditional college experience before my time at UConn (transferring twice and taking a semester off), so when I got to UConn, I knew I wanted to find a good job and set myself up for career success post-graduation. 

I knew that the Career Center hosted career fairs, but one day I found out from the Daily Digest that they were hosting an Internship and Co-op Fair in the Ballroom. I wanted to go just to practice networking and see what opportunities there were. I ended up having some great conversations with other employers, and when I got to the Career Center’s booth, someone mentioned they were hiring for the graphics intern position I currently hold. With the goal of finding a job after graduation, I thought there was no better place to work and develop professionally than the Center for Career Development.

I set up résumé appointments and a few career coaching sessions at the Career Center where I went over my résumé and application with the staff. They were incredibly helpful and encouraging and they saw how passionate I was about the position. I checked Handshake every day waiting for the position to open up. After submitting my application and interviewing a few times, I was offered the position and accepted. 

Being the graphics intern, I’m able to work collaboratively with the rest of the marketing department on projects and enhance my skills as a designer. I work on projects ranging from career fairs, events, videos, resources, and so much more. One of my favorite parts of the job is working on different projects that allow me to learn things I never would have known, whether that be a resource we offer, an event that we host, or insight on best practices.  

My time with the Center has been truly incredible and has set me up better for success post-graduation. Even though I work on the marketing team, I’m still able to learn so much about the job market, resume tips and tricks, and gain general knowledge relating to career advice that I can utilize in the future. Overall, I’m grateful for the time I was able to spend at the Center for Career Development working with amazing people and improving my professional development. 

Apply to intern with us here! Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and close on Friday, February 23, 2024.

By Megan Flynn
Megan Flynn