UConn’s Communication Department Labs

Have you ever thought of participating in research but don’t know where to start? UConn’s Department of Communication offers a multitude of research opportunities to benefit you in your pursuit of a career or higher education. By participating in research, you can increase your understanding of the research process and improve your information literacy, problem-solving, and technical skills.

The communication departments labs are as follows: Communication, Technology, Emotion, and Culture lab, Digital Gamesmith, Communication Methods Innovation, Human Computer Interaction, Interpersonal Interaction, and Video Game Media Effects lab.

Communications, Technology, Emotion and Culture: In this section of research, you can see how these four factors interact and affect how we communicate.

Digital GameSmith Lab: Interested in game development, design, and analytics? This lab might be for you! Here you will collaborate on designing and analyzing software for serious games and statistical applications.

Communication Methods Innovation Lab: In this lab, computational, mixed methods, and qualitative methodologies are primarily used. The lab focuses on new methods and approaches of studying communication.

Human-Computer Interaction: This lab focused on how the interface influences person perception and perceptions of the media. More specifically how the features of the interface aid the interaction and the individual’s perception of the process. There is a focus on the design and evaluation of systems to increase interaction goals.

Interpersonal Interaction Lab: If you are interested in personal relationships this lab is for you! You can cover a range of topics all in the realm of close relationships. The lab also includes a wet lab for sample collection.

Video Game and Media Effects Lab: In this lab the effects of video games are studied utilizing a range of methodologies. There is also a focus on social media effects.

For more information on the Department of Communication and their research opportunities, please visit their website at https://comm.uconn.edu/research/

By Jarrin Araujo
Jarrin Araujo