The Importance of Black Owned Business 

What is a Black Owned Business? 

A Black Owned Business is a simple as it sounds. It is a business founded and run by Black people in the community. Typically, these begin as small businesses, but with the support of their community can become large brand names. One of the biggest luxury businesses that began a small black business is Telfar. Telfar is a luxury vegan leather fashion brand created by Black creative Telfar Clemens with the mission to create an inclusive company for everyone. While this is one example of a large Black Owned business, there is a plethora of smaller brands out there waiting to get their big break. 

The Importance of Black Owned Business 

Black Owned Businesses create inclusivity within the market and offer the opportunity to create new jobs within their communities and improve the relationship within them. This all promotes the economy by closing the racial wealth gap and aims to increase the capital of the country. As Black people make 12.1% of the population, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the more people creating successful business will assist in making the United States an even stronger Global power economically. 

How can I support a Black Business? 

  • Purchasing goods 
  • Promoting the business on social media by reposting their items 
  • Word of mouth – Spreading knowledge on the business 

List of Local CT Black Business 

  •  Social House 
  • Adrian Vega Hair Co  
  • Soul Bowls CT 
  • Lebon Clothing Company (Student Company on Campus) 
  • And many more…. 

Black Businesses are an essential part of not only the economy but our communities. Find and support a local Black Business today and promote in any way you can!

By Mya Davis
Mya Davis