UConn Health’s Medical/Dental Preparatory Program

Applying to medical school is a long and arduous process. It can take up to two years and requires an eight hour long exam, multiple personal statements and interviews, and thousands of dollars to even consider. Just the thought of this process can make most incredibly anxious. To take a part of this burden off of students’ shoulder’s UConn Health offers a program for students underrepresented in the field of medicine: the Medical/Dental Preparatory Program. 

The Medical/Dental Preparatory Program is a five week long program located in Farmington, CT that prepares students for all aspects of applying to medical school. There are two tracks: the first focuses primarily on preparation for the MCAT for pre-medical students, and the DAT for pre-dental students. The second track prepares students for future coursework in molecular and cell biology through exercises and case studies. Both tracks also prepare students for medical/dental school applications by offering advising, seminars, and other activities to introduce all aspects of the application process. 

The Medical/Dental Preparatory also provides housing, food, and a stipend to all participating students so they can spend their summer focused on applying to medical school. It is a great opportunity for those who would normally need to work: they pay you to come! 

To apply, please look through and fill out the application here. To be considered, you must have a GPA above 3.3, must be a member of a nationality underrepresented in medicine (African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian), and must have a drive and ambition to pursue a career in medicine. Additionally, you must be a U.S. citizen to apply.  

The applications are typically due in early March and require two letters of recommendation and your transcript. Additionally, you must submit any standardized test scores you have taken, including SAT, ACT, and previous MCAT/DAT scores. For more information on how to ask for letters of recommendation, view this resource from the Center for Career Development. Additionally, consider making an appointment with a career coach here if you would like to discuss this application or any other career concerns. 

The Medical/Dental Preparatory program is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in medicine but do not know how to start applying. Do not pass up this opportunity: apply now! 

Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash

By Alexandra Carabetta
Alexandra Carabetta