5 Elective Courses to Jumpstart Your Academic Interests in Sustainability  

Are you interested in furthering your education in sustainability, conservation, and energy, but aren’t sure what courses are available for you? Here are five elective courses you can take on a variety of different interests in this field that are available to you now!  

  1. Do you have a particular interested in the conservation of the environment? Do you still need to fulfill an E-Course Gen-Ed? Knock out two birds with one stone by taking Environmental Conservation. This course introduces students to the history of natural resource use and environmental conservation policy development by examining the North American conservation movement and reoccurring environmental issues. It will also challenge you to develop your own personal ethics regarding the development, conservation, and protection of the environment. This 3-credit course has no prerequisites and generally offers four different sections during the Spring semester.  
  1. Is Environmental Conservation not the course for you, but you’re still looking to fulfill an E-Course in this field? Global Sustainable Natural Resources just might be the perfect course! This is another 3-credit E-Course with no prerequisites that focuses on the sustainable management of natural resources through topics such as marine and fresh waters, forests, food production, and urban development! The course is generally offered during the Spring semesters.  
  1. Are you intrigued by wildlife? What about fish ecosystems, habitats, and populations? If you do, then Introduction to Fisheries and Wildlife is a great course for you! This course will introduce you to fundamental concepts, topics, and skill sets that are commonly needed in the wildlife and fisheries profession. No prior courses are required, so you can take this 3-credit course during any Fall Semester at your convenience!  
  1. If you enjoy topics about the climate, then I encourage you to take Climatology. This course focuses on the elements, processes, and mechanisms that impact the climate and climate change. Climatology is 3 credits, has no prerequisites, and is offered in the Fall semesters.  
  1. Is hiking more your speed? Are you interested in learning more about how trails are developed? If so, the Recreational Trails: Design, Construction, and Management is right up your alley! This course provides an overview of sustainable, natural surface trial design principles and best practices. The coursework involved trail planning, designing, assessing, and hands-on work outdoors. This 3-credit course has no prerequisites, is open to sophomores or higher, and is typically offered during the Fall Semester.  

If you have an interest in the sustainability, conservation, and energy field, but aren’t positive about what you want to pursue with it, a great course to help you discover your passion is UNIV 3820: Learning Community Advanced Seminar. This course is designed to help you find your life passion and will strengthen your confidence in post-graduation success. You may also benefit from scheduling a Career Coaching meeting through the Center for Career and Development to discuss your career development through a variety of different resources!

By Madison Jolley
Madison Jolley