What Programs Does the School of Fine Arts Offer?

UConn’s School of Fine Arts offers a diverse selection of majors ranging from art, music, digital media and design, dramatic arts, and arts leadership. The school can connect you with venues and professionals all over CT, as you gain valuable experience. The concentrations offered are just as interesting and diverse as the majors. To provide even more opportunities there are also a few certificate programs offered.  

In an increasingly visual world, the arts programs that are offered equip students with creative and natural literacy to understand the world around them. This leads to rewarding, fulfilling, and sustainable careers. Students have moved forward working for museums, galleries, schools, and so much more. The majors offered are Bachelors of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Art History, and there are also graduate programs for those want to further their education beyond undergrad. Along with your arts major there are also a variety of art and design concentrations for students to choose form based on their interest.  

Beyond the fine arts programs offered, the School of Fine Arts also has a digital media and design program. Students in this program have gone on to work for name brand companies such as Disney, ESPN, HBO, and many more. This program is offered at Storrs and Stamford campuses. 

There are a variety of music programs offered through the School of Fine Arts. For programs such as UConn Choirs, Instrumental Ensembles and UConn Voice & Opera, there are placement hearings and/or auditions to join. The majors offered include a Bachelor of Arts in music, music history, jazz studies, music education, instrumental performance, vocal performance, composition and music theory. 

Finally, the School of Fine Arts offers interdisciplinary and online programs. These includes a variety of graduate certificates in puppetry, digital media and design, and arts administration. 

The School of Fine Arts encompasses a multitude of the arts and provides their students with diverse resources and opportunities. To learn more please visit their website at https://sfa.uconn.edu/

Photo by Billetto Editorial on Unsplash

By Jarrin Araujo
Jarrin Araujo