Awards and Presentations

The UConn Center for Career Development is proud to have received numerous esteemed award honors, and have had the honor of presenting best practices and outcome results to our peers at national and regional conferences.


Honorable Mention – National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) – Technology Award (award/submission description here)

Winner – Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE) – Diversity & Inclusion Award (award/submission description here)

Winner – The Career Leadership Collective – Innovation Award – The 2020 Career Innovation Awards feature innovative career initiatives related to unique connections for career services within the campus ecosystem, scaling career services to reach more, career in the classroom, data visualization and storytelling efforts, new models of career on campus, innovation in diversity and inclusion, successful change efforts, and other novel ideas.

Finalist – UConn Spirit Award (award/submission description here)


Award Recipient – EACE – Annual Innovation in Diversity & Inclusion (award/submission description here)

Nominee – UConn Stamford – Joy Nuckols Memorial Staff Award (award/submission description here)

Nominee – UConn Spirit Award – Center for Career Development Diversity & Inclusion Committee (award/submission description here)


NACE Annual Conference: Infusing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into Your Career Center

NACE Annual Conference: How to Build Your Corporate Partner Relationships with Intent and Purpose

EACE Annual Conference: Squad-Care: Self-Care, But Not Alone

EACE Annual Conference: Thinking About Attending Medical School? Parallel Career Plans

CCEIA/SMA Professional Development Day Panelist: Employer Branding on Campus

CCEIA/SMA Professional Development Day: Tabled at “reverse the search” networking event

Fairfield County Business Council: How to Build Your Corporate Partner Relationships with Intent and Purpose

Careers in Student Affairs Conference, Eastern Connecticut State University – Building your Student Affairs Résumé

University Advising Conference, High Impact Practice Roundtable with George Kuh

University Advising Conference, Panel Participant for It Takes a Village and High Impact Practice Panels

UConn Career Elevate – moderated Hartford event panel