Student Success Story: Alyssa Davanzo

Name: Alyssa Davanzo

Major(s): Communication and Journalism

Class standing: Senior

Internship: NBCUniversal, Inc.


My summer spent as an NBC production intern at The Maury Show was nothing short of extraordinary.

NBCUniversal allowed me to dive headfirst into the fast-paced world of television production by giving me hands-on, challenging experiences while aiding me in my professional growth.

As an intern, I was responsible for interviewing potential guests and working directly with production assistants during the show’s prep and tape days. I was also accountable for booking and confirming tickets for members of the show’s live studio audience.

It was the creative energy of the office, combined with the enormous amount of support that I received from employees at all levels of the company, that made it exciting to wake up and go to work every day. I felt an unimaginable sense of accomplishment when a show would wrap following a long, chaotic week of preparation.

NBCUniversal is a company that exudes diversity and creativity. From my initial interview to my last day in August, I observed a kind, collaborative culture with people jumping at chances to help each other. NBC employs individuals who are both eager to take risks and passionate about producing their best work possible.

The NBCUniversal Campus 2 Career internship program is a wide-open door of opportunity and I highly recommend UConn students of all majors to apply.