Student Success Story: Pratik Parikh

Pratik Parikh

Major: Political Science

Minor: Business Fundamentals

Class Standing: Junior

Internship: Supreme Court in External Affairs

How did you find this internship? What was the process like?

Professor Bergendahl has a blog page with internships posted related to Political Science, so I clicked on and applied for one for the Judicial Branch. Typically, undergraduates don’t get Judicial Branch internships for the Supreme Court, but the coordinator of the internship knew Professor Bergendahl and was impressed with me, so I went in for an interview and got the job!

Can you give us some background on what the external affairs department does for the Supreme Court?

Part of my job is to assist the legislative affairs staff in research and report writing, attend legislative hearings and take notes. I also assisted coordinating major public events and meetings.

What are some of the things you’re responsible for as an intern?

I redid the FAQ page for family matters on the Judicial Branch website, I help write letters to other judges, and help delegates from foreign countries by going on tours with them and making sure everything runs smoothly while they are here.

How has this experience prepared you for what you want to do in the professional world?

I want to become an attorney, so work in the Judicial Branch gives me plenty of relevant experience. External Affairs does a lot of the work needed to have everything pre-set for the court, and the Judicial Branch is the backbone of the court system, so it gives you a good understanding of how the system works.

What is your favorite part about the internship?

Definitely meeting other delegates. A few that came to visit wanted to implement a system like ours in their own country, and so it’s interesting to see the differences in other cultures and their judicial systems.

Can you think of a time you really wowed your supervisor?

My supervisor is really impressed with how quickly I’m able to get things done. For example, coming up with a new design for the internship page— which is still in process.

 What advice can you give to your fellow students looking to find their niche in the job market?

Highlight your strong points and know what your weaknesses are because knowing what they are shows that you are able to learn from them and work to overcome them.


By Brittney Austin
Brittney Austin Communications Assistant