Post-Interview Actions that Can Land You the Job

So, you’ve had an interview! Congrats. After the whirlwind of excitement wears off, you might be wondering what you should do next. There are several things you can do post-interview that can help you stand out from the rest of interviewees and help land you the job!

  1. Don’t rush the process. Everything now is a process- from the paperwork to drafting an offer. This may take a few days or a few weeks! Stay positive but trust that the company going through their own process on how they hire candidates- don’t rush it!
  2. Send a thank you note within 24-48 hours. A thank you note can be sent via email or hand written to the interviewer. This will help you to stay on the employer’s mind and indicate continued interest. And of course, it shows good manners!
  3. Be punctual. If an employer calls or emails you for references, get back to them in a prompt manner. This will indicate you are interested in the position and that you are professional! If you tell an employer when you are going to send a list of references, stick to your word.
  4. Keep applying. This may sound counter intuitive- but don’t stop applying until you have a new job! You may be super excited about the opportunity for which you just interviewed, but keep your mind open to new experiences and other jobs. Keep up the professional job search until you find the position of your dreams!

Follow these strategies to help influence the employer’s decision about you as a candidate. However, above all, if the interview does not land you the job, accept rejection gracefully. There is always another job or opportunity that could be perfect for you!

By Corinne Golash
Corinne Golash Corinne Golash