Why Should You Get Involved This Year

So, it’s the first week of the semester- you can feel the energy in the air! So much learning to be had and opportunities to experience!

Whether you live on-campus, or are a commuter, first year student or senior, there are *so* many reasons you should get involved this year! Although I could ramble on and on about the benefits of being involved during college, I narrowed it down to the top 5 reasons.

  1. Build your résumé
    • It’s never too late to add experiences, activities, or skills to your résumé! Are you planning on joining a club this semester, or perhaps you are looking to get promoted to the Vice President of your student organization? These are all awesome opportunities to help build your résumé.
  2. Develop transferrable skills needed to apply for job opportunities or graduate school
    • Transferrable skills are skills you acquire in one position, that you can then utilize in other positions. They include skills such as leadership, communication, analytical skills, etc. Are you an administrative assistant on-campus? You’re probably gaining some communication skills there! How about a member of Accounting Society- perhaps you are gaining some analytical skills. Getting involved will help you gain these valuable skills that can be transferred to a job opportunity or graduate school.
  3. Find things you’re truly interested in
    • Did you know there’s a yarn crafts club or stationary club on-campus? Well, there is! Find a club or organization on uconntact (https://uconntact.uconn.edu/organizations) that suits your interests. Maybe you’re interested in volunteering- Community Outreach (http://communityoutreach.uconn.edu/) has various service programs that may interest you- from one-time service projects, to JumpStart AmeriCorps, alternative breaks and more. Maybe research is more your thing (ugradresearch.uconn.edu). UConn offers plenty of ways to make the most of your education- including on-campus employment (studentjobs.uconn.edu), student leadership (leadership.uconn.edu), or an internship! (interncoop.uconn.edu). Your possibilities are endless.
  4. Meet new friends!
    • Getting involved and joining opportunities you are truly interested in will help you find other individuals who are interested in the same things. This will be a great opportunity to meet friends, network, and heck have some fun! Large universities such as UConn can feel overwhelming, especially as a first-year student or a commuter. Give this large university a small school feel by getting involved and narrowing your network!
  5. Fill your free time
    • Fill your free time by engaging in experiences that are fun, but also résumé builders. Sure, we all have days where watching Netflix or taking a nap may sound like the right choice- but college is a balancing act. Watch a few episodes then head out and get involved! You won’t regret it.

Image kindly used from http://undergrad.business.uconn.edu/advising/transfer/

By Corinne Golash
Corinne Golash Corinne Golash