Why Post-Interview Thank You Notes Actually Matter

Post-interview thank-you notes do matter and you need to write them. Here’s why!

  • Simply put, it’s good manners. Think back to the day of a childhood birthday where your parents made you write a thank-you note to your classmates, friends, and family members for the gifts you received. Sure, it seemed like a boring task at the time but the idea is simple- good manners are a must. The company, organization, or school planned this time to interview you and that definitely deserves a thank-you!
  • Along the lines of good etiquette- it helps you stand out! Let’s face it- in our fast paced world today, sometimes we miss opportunities to connect as humans. Sending a post-interview thank you note will make you stand out from the other candidates that probably did not send a thank-you note.
  • They can help you sell yourself as a candidate. Use your thank you note to highlight specific instances or things you discussed during your interview. For example, after my graduate school interview here at UConn, I was able to tailor my thank you notes to each faculty member I interviewed with and touch on a topic of conversation. I received pleasant emails back from the faculty. I was accepted and the rest is history!
  • Honestly, why not? Each thank-you note will probably only take you a few minutes, but the lasting impression will be a strong one. Just do it!

Always follow-up your interviews with thank-you notes! Learn more: How to format your thank you note

By Corinne Golash
Corinne Golash Corinne Golash