Your Ultimate End of the Semester To-Do List

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. We’re all submitting assignments and studying for finals. However- there may be a few things missing from your to-do list that can be an important part of your winter break.

  1. Do something over the break! I know, I know, it seems tempting to lay around and binge watch some shows you need to catch-up on. However, working, volunteering, or any kind of service work will be a great addition to your resume.
  2. Speaking of resumes… update yours! Now that things have slowed down (or maybe come to an abrupt halt for some of us), it is the perfect time to update and revise your resume. Remember to include all of the things you’ve done over the semester and maybe polish up on some of your bullet point statements.
  3. After updating your resume, update your LinkedIn! If you don’t have a LinkedIn, now would be the perfect time to create one. Anything you added to your resume can also be highlighted on your LinkedIn.
  4. Allow yourself to relax. I know this to-do item seems out of place, but be sure to pat yourself on the back for completing a semester. Allowing yourself to unwind will prepare you for what is to come!

Best of luck at the end of this semester. Remember, you got this!

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By Corinne Golash
Corinne Golash Corinne Golash