Is This The Most Social Major at UConn?

Lena Lac ’22, a sociology major from Hartford, CT is a local celebrity to the class of 2023 because of her role as an Orientation Leader, but there is so much more to her than the job she had this summer! Lena and I sat down to discuss her diverse involvement and academic career in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

What is your major journey?

At first I was a Marine Sciences major because it’s something I love. I came to UConn early because I was a part of the UConn Student Support Services [SSS] Program where I took classes prior to starting my freshman year. In the program, I took an intro to sociology class and I just loved the professor and the topic. I felt more drawn to this and when I started in the fall I switched to sociology.

What is sociology?                                                                                  

A lot of people know that sociology is being social with others, it literally has social in front of it. I can do so much with it even though it is such a simple major.

What was your favorite sociology class you took so far?

Sociology of the Family (SOCI 2651). I’m learning more about myself than others during this class!

How does sociology connect with your involvement as an Orientation Leader?

I know my communication skills have gotten stronger: most of the classes I have taken related to sociology have forced me to open my mouth and speak. Orientation enriched my major experience because I was around over 3,700 students. If we were to have this interview last year I wouldn’t have answered any of these questions comfortably.

How was the application and interview process for the Orientation Leader position?

I utilized the Center for Career Development for a resume critique first. Then I signed up for a practice interview two hours before my orientation interview. You are given prep questions that most employers ask. I feel that practicing with anyone is really helpful to prepare. I chose not to tell them the specific position I applied for, but you could do that if it is for something more specific.

As an Orientation Leader, you were probably giving lots of advice. Is there anything else you would like to share with readers about choosing a major?

You have until junior year to change your major, you have time!

You can always make changes to your course schedule, next semester I am trying to add some human rights classes.

What are your career goals, do you have any ideas for the future yet?

I would prefer working with children because I love a challenge and learning about kids, maybe social work.  


Fun Facts:

Lena is a member of Alpha Phi Omega (she is currently inactive this semester), the national service fraternity that is responsible for the care and safekeeping of Jonathan the Husky!

Lena has been spending summers at UConn for many years gaining experience at camps and taking classes for credit.

Lena also works in Homer Babbidge Library and the new Recreation Center!


By Marina DeThomas
Marina DeThomas CLAS Career Ambassador Marina DeThomas