Using “The Major Experience” Resource for Major Exploration

The Major Experience (TME) is a partnership between the Academic Center for Exploratory Students, Center for Career Development, and various University departments, and is dedicated exclusively to major exploration. TME helps students explore majors by facilitating peer-to-peer connections through TME Student Mentors, encourages networking with faculty and staff, and offers personal guidance from Exploratory Advisors and Career Coaches.  TME puts you in the driver’s seat and allows the opportunity to learn about yourself, majors, and careers at your own pace and on your own terms. Here are some useful tips for using this online resource:

  1. Learn more about every major at UConn

Major Profiles are the quickest and easiest way to gather information on all of UConn’s majors. Each profile includes a brief overview, suggestions for helpful introductory courses, potential career opportunities, related majors, TME Student Mentors, and more. By viewing these profiles, you are able to get a glimpse into each major without needing to spend hours researching. Don’t know where to start? Majors are conveniently grouped into broad Major Exploration Groups like “Health and Medicine” and “Social and Behavioral Sciences” to help you get started.

2. Talk to TME Mentors

TME Mentors are current UConn Students from various majors at the University. They use their own experiences to give you an idea of what it’s like to be a student in their program. Think about it…if you are interested in Sociology and want information on what the major is like, who better to contact than a current Sociology major? Don’t know what to ask? Check out our Informational Interview Questions!

3. Talk to Exploratory Advisors and Career Coaches

Exploratory Advisors and Career Coaches are professionals who are here to assist you throughout your major exploration journey. They are well-versed in all majors and careers and can provide advice, insight, and support.

4. Start Eliminating Majors

It is often easier to first identify the majors you DO NOT want to do. The Major Elimination form gives you the opportunity to eliminate majors in which you have no interest, allowing you to focus only on programs that are real possibilities.

5. Consider enrolling in UNIV 1820: “Making Major Decisions”

A one-credit course that is dedicated exclusively to major exploration. It is designed to help students examine majors in a holistic, interactive, and intentional manner. The main objective is to provide the appropriate tools and support to declare a major(s) with confidence.

By Jillian Johnston
Jillian Johnston Academic Advisor