Welcome to the International Student Community Page! 

The International Student Community page was created to serve the career needs of UConn’s international students.  This community supports students exploring careers and navigating work authorization and cultural differences in the U.S. job search process.


Jobs and Internships:  Find companies that are international-student friendly and who sponsor a work visa or accept OPT/CPT.

Upcoming Events: Learn about upcoming panels, webinars, and events relevant to you.  These include Career Fair Preparation, U.S. Job and Internship Search Panel, and OPT/CPT Workshops.

Latest News: Hear from industry experts on the latest news related to international students and the job search process.

UConn Organizations:  Connect with students with similar interests. Did you know that UConn has over 15 organizations and centers connecting international cultures?  Consider exploring these organizations in conjunction with the hundreds of clubs and organizations across all interest areas.

Network: UConn’s Husky Mentor Network links undergrad and graduate students with alumni so they can share their knowledge and expertise with you.

In addition to this group, you are encouraged to join UConn’s Career Communities in industry and career areas of interest.

Wishing you success in your career development journey!




By Desiree Martino
Desiree Martino Career Coach Desiree Martino