How to Fix Résumé PDF Formatting Issues

You know the feeling. You have your résumé reviewed, make edits, and are now confident it represents your experience and skills perfectly. One last thing to do: convert your Word document into a PDF. You look and see that all your lines are now a little messed up. You think to yourself “What? They looked fine on my Word document!” Don’t worry; the solution is simple.

With your résumé headings (“Education,” “Experience,” “Leadership”), don’t have each underlined and followed by a line of underscores. In your Word document, it may look like your heading is one continuous line, but in your PDF it will look like this:






To fix this, you need to click the “Borders” icon on Word, select “Bottom Border,” and then put your heading title. Your lines in PDF format will look perfect.





Go to the dropdown and select “Bottom Border”

Small, aesthetic details won’t make or break your résumé, but it’s important to put your best foot forward. You want your résumé to be nice to look at, and small details make a difference. Also, consider consistency. Do you have consistent capitalization of certain words? Consistent use of dashes when listing periods of time? Consistent font and line spacing? These are all things to consider!

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Photo from GAUTAM KUMAR on Unsplash.

By Erik Zawodniak
Erik Zawodniak