C4D: A youth-led statewide network for undocumented students

CT Students for a Dream is the only undocumented student-led organization in the state of Connecticut. They offer information on securing institutional aid and a comprehensive College Access Program.

Institutional Aid

If you are an undocumented student living in Connecticut, you may qualify for financial support for college. In 2018, the leaders at CT Students for a Dream fought together, with educators and community groups, to pass a law to open up access to institutional financial aid for undocumented students at Connecticut’s State Colleges and Universities. This effort was entirely led by students. Thanks to the collective youth power, they were able to provide access to funding that so many students need and deserve. Check out the Institutional Aid tab on the website for more information on how to apply.

College Access Program

The College Access Program is run by students, for students. At CT Students for a Dream, they understand the unique challenges for undocumented students. This is why they offer this important educational and training resource that challenges the current system of education. Their mission is to ensure that status is not a barrier to educational attainment on any level. They fulfill this mission by working with individuals and institutions to change policies and practices that negatively affect students and create ones that support them instead. Through the College Access Program, students have access to individual meetings, mentoring, community connections, and resources to support students in their educational and career planning.

The leaders at CT Students for a Dream actively work alongside educators and students within colleges and universities to change policies that negatively affect undocumented students and put policies in place that allow students to succeed. You can find out more about what these changes could look like in the educator and student tabs.

The ultimate goal is educational equity and this can only happen with changes to our education system.  Check out the campaign tab to find out what policies CT Students for a Dream is fighting for today!

By Tara Malone
Tara Malone Associate Director, Regional Campuses Tara Malone