Fact, Not Myth: Companies Are Hiring Interns For 2021

Contrary to commonly held beliefs, there are internships available in 2021! Recruiters continue to work closely with the Center for Career Development, as well as other faculty and staff, to find top talent for their organizations. Recently, a number of recruiters reached out to UConn as they wanted to highlight the opportunities they have to offer and encourage students to apply. Some internships are major-specific and others are more industry-focused and not dependent on any one major.

Handshake is a great resource to find and apply for internships. Once logged in, choose the Jobs tab, then filter by Internship. You can drill down further by selecting All Filters and selecting the options that interest you. This is also a great time to verify your profile information in Handshake is up to date. Handshake uses the info in your profile to deliver relevant jobs and internships to you, so the more info you include in your profile, the more tailored your results will be.

Preparation and Steps for Application

  • Thoroughly research the organization to have a sense of their purpose, mission, and values
  • Review the position description, noting keywords and skills, so you can incorporate them into your application material
  • Write a tailored résumé for the organization and position. Adapt your objective, experiences, and bullet point statements to the company and the position you are seeking.

Follow these steps to make your candidacy as strong as possible and apply before any deadlines. If you have questions, reach out via email to internships@uconn.edu or set up an appointment to talk to a Career Coach.

Image: https://pioneerhumanservices.org/sites/default/files/facts-and-myths.jpg