Career Center Interns Tell All: Why you should consider an internship with us!

Did you know, the Center for Career Development conducted 1,635 undergraduate résumé critiques, facilitated 219 practice interview appointments, hosted over 570 events and presentations, and developed content that generated over 600,000 website pageviews during the 2019/2020 school year? Did you also know that those accomplishments could not have been achieved without the dedication and commitment of the Career Center’s student intern team?

Completing an internship with the UConn Career Center is more than just a part-time job. It’s an opportunity to directly support your fellow UConn students and make a difference in their career exploration and development process; to build valuable skills while achieving own personal and professional goals; and to be a part of a team that embraces your individual thoughts and ideas while encouraging and celebrating your growth and success! You don’t have to take our word for it though, hear what a few of our current interns have to say about their own personal experiences.

Why did you decide to apply to the Center for Career Development?

Meg Jerrild: I decided to apply to the Center for Career Development as a way to challenge myself and move forward with my career goals. I was at the point where I had just transferred to UConn and settled on my major in Psychology. I was so excited to take on a role where I could contribute to a team that makes a huge difference for students, and work on narrowing my career goals in the process.

Victoria Kuryan: I decided to apply to the Center for Career Development because I wanted to get relevant experience before applying for an internship in Human Resources, which is the field where I am interested in working. I review student résumés and conduct interview simulations, and having experience with résumés and with interviewing are often an important component of entry-level HR positions, so my experience at the Center for Career Development allowed me to gain the skills I needed to help me secure an HR internship during the summer following my first year at the Center for Career Development, as well as subsequent HR internships during the academic year.

What excites you about your work?

Marina DeThomas: I am excited that I get to work on projects that are put in place in real-time during my internship. As a programming intern, it is really exciting to see a workshop go from the planning stages to the final presentation to students! In my past internships, I felt like I was working on dead-end projects. At the Center for Career Development, I am doing work that is essential to the function of the center, and as a student intern that’s a huge deal!

Daniella Angulo: The work I do here excites me because it allows me to make a difference in the lives of students thinking about their post-graduation plans. I’m in the exact same boat they are, so I can provide assistance to Center for Career Development staff and the College to Career Transitions team to address the concerns that students are actually feeling. I know my voice makes a difference and improves our services, and this knowledge is a great motivator.

How would you describe the culture at the Career Center and what do you like most about it?

Zoe Day: I would describe the Center for Career Development’s culture as open and cultivating. We as interns are expected to do work that has real meaning that teaches us important skills that we can use in our professional development both as students and professionals in the workforce. The environment cultivates this learning in a kind and friendly way, allowing us to grow at our own pace as well as providing us with resources. We are fully accepted by the full-time staff and they encourage us to ask questions and gain as much as we can from the experience. There is no pressure to be a certain way, grow at a certain pace, or put too much pressure on ourselves. We are allowed to grow and learn on our own terms while still being pushed and encouraged to develop as young professionals

Sean Roach: The Center for Career Development is a genuinely supportive and encouraging place to work. All of my supervisors make sure to put my own personal and professional development first. They give me the opportunities to take initiative in creating my own events and presentations as well as help me work to better my own skills. I have always felt so supported there and have been able to grow so much in such an amazing work culture.


Do you want to join our team?! We are currently hiring! To learn more about our paid internship opportunities and review qualifications, please visit our main recruiting system, Handshake, or the Work at the Center section of our website. Interested applicants must complete and submit all required application materials; incomplete applications will not be accepted. We strongly encourage applicants to have their résumé critiqued at the Career Center prior to applying. Applications close March 26, 2021.

By Kristen Soprano
Kristen Soprano Career Consultant Kristen Soprano