Exploring Employee Resource Groups within the USDA

Employee resource groups are voluntary, employee-led groups with goals related to fostering a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with the organizations they serve. Looking into an organization’s availability of employee resource groups can provide ways for students to connect with others from shared identities and backgrounds. The USDA offers a number of Employee Resource Groups – what they call “Employee Organizations” which we explore in more detail below. For direct information, visit the USDA’s website.

African American Strategy Group – provides “an African American perspective that assists the Forest Service in achieving its Mission and Vision which includes multiculturalism and diversity in all aspects of organizational life.”

Black/Minority Employees Organization (BMEO) – Enhance awareness of and participation by Blacks and other minorities within USDA by promoting equal opportunity and fairness in recruitment, assignment, and promotion; support increased training opportunities; provide and/or assist with the orientation of summer interns and/or new hires; and support career development. BMEO shall operate in all agencies within the USDA

USDA Coalition of Minority Employees – “The Coalition is always willing to working together to gain the support of any administration, USDA officials, and the congress, with the objective of expediting the achieving our goal to bring about justice, fairness and a reprisal free workplace. We are willing to sacrifice popularity to help relieve the pain, suffering, and sacrifice of employees and farmers, especially Black Farmers. We feel we must right the wrongs and continued injustices perpetrated against those we represent, people of color, women, persons with disabilities, and others. We strive to eradicate the historical and systemic discrimination at USDA, identify issues and concerns and recommend solutions. This includes working to correct the employer and agency practices that harm employees and farmers in any way. This is our primary mission.”

Blacks in Government (BIG), USDA GWC Chapter – USDA George Washington Carver Chapter is a leader for employees and promotes excellence in professionalism and employee development.

National Organization of Black Employees in National Agricultural Statistics Service (BE-NASS) – BE-NASS is to enhance the awareness of and to expand the full participation of Black employees in the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).


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All Employee Resource Organization Information found via USDA Employee Organizations Contacts.pdf

By Jessica Buller
Jessica Buller Career Consultant