What I Learned During the DMD Alumni Career Panel

When it comes to finding a job in a more creative industry, the search can appear to be difficult at first. In a discussion about careers in the creative field, Digital Media & Design (DMD) Alumni Juanita Austin and Cat Boyce share their insights on post-graduation work in the industry. I would like to share my experience in this panel discussion. 

I found this event on the digital board at the Center for Career Development. I have begun to learn that the extra effort I make now towards my career goals will have an impact on the position I land in. Because of this realization, I made attending the event a priority as it was an opportunity to gain insight on careers within the creative industry and hear about subjective experiences from leaving UConn into the field.  

My personal goal in life is to bring smiles to as many faces as I can. As an individual with a strong passion for creativity, I am hoping to attain a job within the animation or game industry using my skills to inspire future generations. This event shared how creative passion can be used to bring cheer and love to larger communities. The potential for this sort of impact is multiplied by personal values and is maximized by how well a career matches those beliefs. Juanita and Cat touched on how their interest in advocating for human rights and uplifting underrepresented groups was amplified through the mediums they pursued in their careers.  

The alignment of personal interest with a career was an idea that stood out to me during the panel event. I was able to take away that it is possible to find a position that matches personal goals and values. Sometimes, in the creative field, it is difficult to pinpoint the right fitting role. In the case where there does not appear to be such a position, Juanita emphasized it is still possible to create that role yourself and start an independent journey. She retold her journey creating the space and position that was right for her. This spark of an idea fueled by passion became the organization known as Cultured AF. 

Most importantly, this session allowed me to understand that many jobs in the field I am looking for are gained through networking. Networking in the creative industry is a quick way to get the word around about candidate skills, interests, and portfolios. My first step is to begin researching professionals in the local area (on-campus or nearby towns) and start forming more professional connections.

The Center for Career Development hosts multiple panel events with alumni working in various industries each semester. Be sure to check the Center’s Events Calendar regularly for upcoming events!

By Chaddane Williams
Chaddane Williams Chaddane Williams