The Real World Experience of the Stamford Startup Studio

The Stamford Startup Studio is now in session! Offered through UConn’s Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, The Stamford Startup Studio is a unique, one-year, co-op style educational experience giving seven UConn undergraduates an opportunity to build entrepreneurial skills and gain hands-on experience while working and living together in Stamford. Investing in honing students’ core competencies to succeed in today’s economy, Startup Studio students are guided by mentors to engage in projects, or “sprints”, in which students develop tangible solutions to solve client issues.. 

As a first sprint, students were asked to help navigate weekend plans and enhance friend & family group experiences.

Their solution was creating WKDNR, a web application prototype allowing friends to link together in groups and survey individuals on their interests and personality to customize an array of weekend itineraries, complete with links to restaurants or train tickets; providing a fun, collaborative platform for planning.The app is currently in the testing and design stage – the team plans to build it out fully over the course of the spring semester.

The second sprint is exploring options for refitting an existing retail building space in Stamford to be used as potential expansion space for the UConn Stamford campus. The process has involved designing a 3D space, working with stakeholders, sourcing materials, and estimating costs. 

Through networking, actively learning, and applying technical skills, Stamford Startup Studio Students are paving their own career paths in a dynamic workforce.

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By Jaclyn Severance
Jaclyn Severance University Public Relations Associate 2