Student Success Story: Ariana Venegas

Ariana Venegas ’22 is a senior Environmental Studies major and English minor with a deep passion for sustainability and the environment. Throughout her four years at UConn, she has gotten involved in a variety of meaningful ways. Some highlights include being an EcoCaptain with the Office of Sustainability, a member of the U21 Sustainable Micro Internships Program, and a student employee with UConn Dining Services (McMahon). Read on to learn more about Ariana’s experiences at UConn and advice she has for fellow students.

How did you choose your major and minor?

I took a class my sophomore year, EVST 1000 with Professor Mark Boyer, and I decided to try out the Environmental Studies major. I have always had a passion for the environment and sustainability, and am excited to be graduating next semester with a major in Environmental Studies and a minor in English.

What are some of your recent accomplishments and achievements?

I was selected to represent UConn in the Universitas 21 Sustainable Micro Internship Program. Also, this is not academically related but I did care for an injured horse this last summer and brought her back to health (she is pictured with me in the photo above) which was one of my biggest accomplishments yet!

Have you overcome academic, career preparation, or job search obstacles during your time at UConn thus far? How?

I have reached out to the Center for Career Development in search of help writing my resume and cover letter for my applications. Ms. Lisa Famularo has been so helpful with her time and wisdom on the matter, and truly helped me successfully attain my EcoCaptain internship. Regarding academic obstacles, I have recently been attending yoga sessions at the Student Recreation Center, which has helped with my academic struggles whether that be stressful exams or upcoming assignments.

Which competences have you found to be essential to your success?

Critical thinking, oral communication, written communication, teamwork and collaboration, leadership, professionalism, and global perspective.

What advice would you give to other current UConn students?

I would say, despite a fear of the possibility of rejection, put yourself out there and apply to everything that you are interested in, you never know.

By Lisa Famularo
Lisa Famularo Assistant Director, Equity and Inclusion | Pronouns: she/her/hers