Employment Resources for the Black Students Affinity Community

The Black Students Affinity Community has many resources for students as they embark on their career journeys. We will be covering several of these resources in this article, beginning with the National Urban League Job Network. 

The National Urban League Job Network “is dedicated to helping Black students and young working professionals find employment opportunities by connecting them with employers nationwide.” Students can search by specific job and location, explore different companies, check out featured jobs, search for jobs by category, and even talk to a staff member live with any questions.  

The Black Perspective is a resource aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion in employment by promoting opportunities for members of the Black/African American community. The organization connects their members with affirmative action and equal opportunity employers. On the website, students can find said employers, search for jobs, and read the latest news on the job market. There is even a job fair calendar and articles providing advice on difficult work situations, such as disagreements amongst coworkers.  

Another great job search tool is Black Jobs. This website “features the latest well-paying job opportunities for African American job seekers from companies who are sincerely dedicated to diversity hiring to help reduce the high rate of unemployment in Black communities.” You can search for jobs using keywords, by location, and even search using a distance radius. The website promotes companies dedicated to diversity hiring and post recent openings that you can apply to.  

The last employment resource we will cover is The Black Upstart. This company teaches Black entrepreneurs how to start their own businesses. Pillars of business that the company focuses on include learning how to come up with a profitable business idea, how to build prototypes, and how to market your business.   

Check out these employment resources and more on the Black Students Affinity Community homepage. 

Photo CreditPhoto by Taylor Grote on Unsplash

By Maggie Cummings
Maggie Cummings Career Consulting and Services Intern