4 Ways to be a Better Ally to your Sikh Colleagues and Friends

“As a member of the Sikh community (check out my video on the correct pronunciation of Sikh and Sikhism here), I have found this moment to be particularly challenging because of how so much of the imagery parallels photos from the Sikh genocide in the 1980s and is a reminder of faith-based persecution. And I know there is a collective experience in this moment of grief and trauma, given all that’s been said and shared by the Sikh diaspora around the world.

As someone who teaches diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), I often speak about the importance of allyship, and I’ve been reflecting on how it would be difficult to be an ally to your Sikh — and Indian — colleagues in this moment if you haven’t heard much about what’s happening in India or you don’t know a lot about Sikhism or the Sikh genocide. And this is on top of the extensive biases that Sikh professionals experience in the workplace, given our unique visibility and differences.

So in the context of wanting to interrupt workplace biases about Sikhs and to cultivate heightened experiences of belonging and inclusion for Sikh professionals, I wanted to share some suggestions on how to be a better ally to your Sikh colleagues and friends.”

To read more about how to be an ally to Sikhs please head on over to https://bhasinconsulting.com/2021/04/08/4-ways-to-be-a-better-ally-to-your-sikh-colleagues-and-friends/

By Bhasin Consulting
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