Fostering Community: A Conversation with The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) was founded nearly 14 years ago to help Asian-heritage professionals in the scientific and engineering fields achieve their full potential. Through its rich programming and events, it has continued to support these individuals in a number of ways, including helping members celebrate their Asian heritage, advocate for diversity on campus and in the workplace, and give back to the community. Over the past year, as the Asian-American community has endured an increase in hate and violence, SASE helped younger members find their voice and use SASE’s platform to stand for social justice and racial equity.

We talked with Matt Diaz, SASE’s manager of collegiate programs, and Clarence Low, SASE’s director of organizational relationships, to learn more about the organization and its important work, particularly with high school and college-level students.

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Photo by Barney Yau on Unsplash

By Justin Carroll-Allan
Justin Carroll-Allan