Meet the Undergraduate Researcher: Giselle Malloy, CAHNR

Giselle Malloy ‘23 (CAHNR) is a proud “super senior.” Now in her fifth year at UConn, she’s rounding out a robust undergraduate career as a teaching assistant, residential assistant, and hardworking researcher.

On her LinkedIn profile, she proudly proclaims herself as a “future hydrologist,” and it doesn’t take long to pick up on her infectious enthusiasm for water stewardship. 

“Hopefully I can go into restoring clean water,” she says, specifying the Chicago River as one site where her work in hydrology could have a positive impact. “That’s been a very polluted area that a lot of people can’t drink, especially in the urban areas. That’s environmental injustice.” 

This article originally appeared in UConn Today. Click here to read the full article.


By Mac Murray
Mac Murray Professional Staff