Globally Responsible Engineering: The New Wave of Global Responsibility and Safe Environmental Improvement

Are you interested in learning about engineering and solving critical problems with an organization that places high importance on environmental safety? Do you have a passion for Globally Responsible Engineering and want to dive into a possible career path while gaining new experiences and career readiness skills?

If so, then Engineers Without Borders UK has the Virtual Experience Programme for you, (Engineers Without Borders UK Globally Responsible Engineering – Forage). The Globally Responsible Engineering Virtual Experience Programme educates students on engineering with an emphasis on safe materials, positive environmental emissions, and updated working methods that avoid harm to the environment. This program teaches the importance of upholding global responsibility and why the environment and humankind should be at the forefront of every engineering decision.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) UK is a non-profit organization that works with countries and communities in need to create solutions to their daily problems and overall quality of life. This chapter of EWB originates in the United Kingdom and includes travel all over the world to various service locations to help those in need. EWB’S current mission is focused on “putting global responsibility at the heart of all engineering” through safe practices, motivated mindsets, and group commitment to the greater good that change is possible.

This Virtual Experience Programme is an online program for all majors that takes about six hours to complete and includes various environmental projects and real-world scenarios. Completion of the program includes a certificate of experience, in-depth knowledge of engineering, and the development and implementation of multiple career readiness skills. Some
career readiness skills involved in this program include critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and creative writing skills put into action. This program includes collaboration with real EWB leaders and team members, as well as self-paced assignments and personal goals. The Globally Responsible Engineering Virtual Experience Programme is a fantastic way to learn about engineering and how important listening to the environment is for any career that impacts it. Although this virtual experience focuses on engineering the program is open to all majors, career paths, and lovers of the environment!

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By Kathryn Ferencsik
Kathryn Ferencsik