What are the programs that the Neag School of Education offers? 

UConn’s Neag School of Education is a prestigious graduate program for education and is ranked number 16 for public graduate schools of education in the nation. The Neag School seeks to improve education and social systems to create an equitable environment for all students. Additionally, the school is proud to offer more than 9.5 million dollars in research grants and providing its students with numerous scholarships. If you are considering becoming a teacher, principal, or school superintendent, Neag is the first place to look! 

  • Bachelor’s Degree Program  
    • Sport Management Program 
      • The purpose of the major is to prepare students for employment in marketing, promotion, or management of sport-related enterprises.  
  • Master’s Degree Program  
    • School of Psychology 
      • This master’s seeks to prepare school psychologist to practice in public school settings. The program requires a minimum of 69 semester hours of course work and a 1500-hour, 10-month, supervised internship in school psychology. 
    • Special Education  
      • This program is designed to provide in-depth learning and experiences to support children and adults with disabilities and those at risk for learning and behavioral difficulties. If you are interested in supporting all students, increasing diverse learning needs of students, and advancing specialized knowledge, this may be a program for you! 
    • Higher Education and Student Affairs  
      • This program offers a manageable 36-credit hours as well as a small cohort of students.  This program focuses on developing practitioners in student affairs and students are encouraged to hold graduate assistantships.  
  • Doctoral Degree Programs  
    • Counseling Psychology  
      • The Ph. D program prioritizes preparing future educators, researchers, and counseling professions. Students should expect to teach no fewer than two graduate courses and participate in a biweekly doctoral seminar with other Ph. D students.  
    • Educational Leadership 
      • This doctorate program is geared for working professionals aspiring to advance their ability to lead an educational organization.  The program accommodates full-time professionals, is cohort-based, and focuses on a capstone research program instead of a typical dissertation.  
    • Educational Psychology with a Concentration in Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent Development 
      • This program was created for educators who exhibit unusual ability and talent. The program is made for students who wish to become researchers, state department consultants, authors, university professors, and many more. Students are expected to design and complete a dissertation to increase knowledge in the field of giftedness, creativity, and talent development.

For more information on the programs offered by Neag, visit their academics page here.

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By Eunice Asante
Eunice Asante