What is the ACES Program at UConn All About?

The Academic Center for Exploratory Students’ (ACES) mission is to assist all students in finding the right path for them through an individualized approach. Academic Advisors provide reliable and helpful information to students and provide them with the tools they need to declare a major. Students work with an ACES Advisor until they decide on their major. Everyone works at their own pace: some students are in the ACES program for a semester, while others may be in the program for over a year.

Students on track to apply for a pre-professional program, such as Pre-Teaching or Pre-Social Work, as well as students interested in a major with a specific application process such as the School of Business or School of Nursing, will also work with ACES Advisors. This is to ensure that all pre-requisites for programs are met and because the application for these schools and programs does not open until a student’s sophomore or junior year. 

ACES offers plenty of opportunities to expand your knowledge about career exploration and majors, ranging from helpful webinars to The Major Experience (TME). TME is a university-wide collaboration that aids students in finding majors that align with their goals and interests. TME offers many services including one-credit courses in major exploration, meetings with TME student mentors, and resources to help identify your career and personal goals. ACES is a fantastic program for students of all interests, fields, and backgrounds. Learn more about ACES here, and take advantage of the tools and resources they offer!

By Alicja Kurpinowicz
Alicja Kurpinowicz